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Jorgen Poschmann (1927 - 2018) and the origin of The Pottery Supply House

Jorgen and his wife Erla came to Canada in 1953 following ceramic engineering studies in the USA. They would have returned to Denmark where Jorgen would assume a position in the family dinnerware business but for a chance meeting with the president of the Ferro Enamels plant in Oakville, Ontario. He persuaded them to consider visiting Canada before returning. They went, liked it, and after Jorgen was offered a job at Ferro, he and Erla decided to stay.

At Ferro, Jorgen helped develop a catalogue of supplies for a new division set up to sell raw materials – used at Ferro to make frits – to studio potters and art schools. The market for glaze materials proved to be too small, however, so Ferro suggested to Jorgen that, if he wanted, he could take it over as his own. 1n 1958, that's what he did, operating at first from space on the Ferro grounds and then soon after from “The Granary”, a historic stone building on the banks of the Sixteen Mile Creek in downtown Oakville.

At that time local cabinetmaker Graham Willis was contracted to modify the Granary interior and, later, to build pottery equipment for the new company. He joined the business in 1961 and three years later the two men became joint shareholders in the newly incorporated The Pottery Supply House Ltd.