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Kiln Sitter Parts - We carry a full range of Kiln Sitter parts. Below is just a sample of the Kiln Sitter parts we carry. If you want a part that is not listed on our site, email us, or call us at the number below. There is a handy blown up parts diagram at the back of the Kiln Sitter Manuals. If you don't have a manual, you can download the parts diagram below. The manual can also be downloaded below, but the part numbers are difficult to read in the downloaded manual copy. If you have a Tube Assembly that needs replacing, use this handy measurement diagram to properly size the replacement tube.

Download part diagrams for the following models here: LT-3, LT-3K, Model P, Model K

To download a manual for a Model LT-3 or LT-3K click here. for a Model P or K click here.


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