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"Wax On" Wax Resist


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Wax ON is a water-based wax resist product that dries quickly. It was created to eliminate problematic dripping and tacky surfaces when applying wax. Now you can decorate with wax during glazing without worrying about pesky smudges and sticky fingers. It is ideal for creating detailed, precise surface decoration on bisqueware and can also be applied on top of glaze for layered resist effects. It applies easily with either a brush or slip applicator for fine details. We made it purple so you can easily see where the wax is applied. However, the color burns out in the firing, just like regular wax.

Wax ON should be stored at room temperature and mixed well before use. Brushes and tools used for application of Wax ON should be washed with soap and warm water immediately after use, as wax can be difficult to remove after it dries.

Unlike many other wax resists, you don't have worry about Wax ON freezing and getting ruined. If if freezes simply let it thaw, mix it, then use it!

8 oz. (473 mL) bottle.