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Euclid's Elements for Electric Kilns.

Welcome to Euclid's Elements, the home of top quality, value-priced, electric kiln elements. Standard and heavy duty elements made from premium resistance wire. We make elements for pottery and ceramic kilns, glass ovens, heat treating and many other industries. We provide replacent elements for all popular brands like Skutt, Paragon, L & L, Olympic, Evenheat and Coneart, but we also supply elements for brands no longer in business. When ordering please indicate the kiln manufacturer, model, voltage, and element position. Euclid's also carries the parts and materials you'll need to build or repair a kiln. Call or e-mail now to find out how much you can save when you buy from Euclid's!



Element Design Service

We can design new or modify existing elements to meet your needs. To have elements designed or to adjust specifications of a current design to improve performance, call us; one of our element design specialists will gladly assist you. For a discussion on electric kiln heating including coiled wire elements click here.


Euclid, he wrote the book on elements!


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