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Safety Data Sheets

Raw Materials, Dry & Wet

6-Tile Kaolin Alberta Slip Clay Alumina, Calcined Alumina Hydrate Barium Carbonate Barnard Slip Clay Bell Dark Ball Clay Bentone MA Bentonite 325m Bentonite HPM-20 Blackbird Slip Clay Bone Ash Substitute Borax Calcined Kaolin Calcium Carbonate Chrome Oxide CMC Gum Cobalt Carbonate Cobalt Oxide Cobalt Oxide (China) Cobalt Silicate Copper Carbonate Copper Oxide Black Copper Oxide Red Copper Sulphate Cornwall Stone Substitute Custer Dark Ball Clay Darvan 7 Dolomite (Dolocron) EPK FC Kaolin Feldspar G200 HP Feldspar Custer Feldspar Minspar 200 Flint (all grades) Frit 3110 Frit 3124 Frit 3134 Frit 3195 Frit 3278 G 200 HP Gerstley Borate Goldart Fire Clay Grolleg Kaolin Grog Gum CMC Hawthorn Fire Clay Hectabrite DP Helmer Kaolin Hydrocal White Hydrostone Ilmenite Iron Chromite Iron Oxide Black Iron Oxide Red Iron Oxide Red Spanish Iron Oxide Yellow Kentucky Stone Ball Clay KTS-2 Ball Clay Kyanite (all grades) Latex Lithium Carbonate Macaloid Magnesium Carbonate Manganese Carbonate Manganese Dioxide Manganese Granular Minspar 200 Mold Release Soap Mullite (all grades) NC4 Nepheline Syenite Nickel Carbonate Nickel Oxide OM4 Ball Clay Petalite Plainsman Buff Fire Clay Plaster: Pottery No.1 Plaster: Hydrocal White Plaster: Hydrostone Pyrophyllite Quartz Ravenscrag Slip Redart Clay Redstone Clay Rutile Ceramic Rutile Milled Silica (powdered) Silica Sand Silicon Carbide (all grades) Soap, Mould Release Soda Ash/Sodium Carbonate Sodium Silicate Spodumene Strontium Carbonate Talc (Amtal) Talc (Magris)    Tin Oxide Titanium Dioxide Ultrox Extra Vansil W10 Wax Resist Wax On Whiting Wollastonite Zinc Oxide

PSH Clays & Slips

400 405 415 425 435 455 500 500P 505 510 515 516 519 519S 522 524K 525 536 540i 540P 542 570F 575 575M 575SM 580 580F 600 620 700 800 805 810 811 820 900 905 909 910 910P Dark Granite Mix Smokie's Hot Bod Holy Smokies! PSH One

Plainsman Clay

H 431 H440 H443 H550 M332 M340 M350 M370 M390 P580

Laguna Clay

15 50 55 60 65 66 80 550 750 850 B-Mix 5 B-Mix 10 B-Mix 10 Wood Frost 6 Frost 10 Mexo Red Mexo White Max's Paper Clay B-mix 5 w/grog paper clay Bob's Paper Clay

PSH Cone 06 Glaze

Apple Green Black Blue Bright Orange Caramel Chestnut Chili Pepper Red Dark Gray French Green Maroon Midnight Blue Moss Green Mulberry Polished Pewter Red Rose Pink Royal Blue Transparent Violet WhitYellow

PSH Cone 6 Glaze

Autumn Rustle Black Matte   Cobaltic Sea Coppernican Sky Ferric Fervor High Irony Magenta Magic Nickelodeon Nickelous Nickelby Plum Perfect Pumpernickel Purple Haze Red Onion Red Red Wine Rustin' SnO White SnOflecks Spring Lilac Titanic Wave Transparent True Colours Clear True Colours Matte


Alpine Rose, Mason 6001Best Black 6600 Black 6650Blackberry Wine 6381Blue 6315 Mason"C" Dark Crimson"C" Orange US018  "C" Yellow US006  Canary Yellow 6410Chili Pepper Red US033  Cobalt Aluminate 6383Crimson 6003 Dark Red 6088Dark Teal Green 6254Deep Crimson 6006Delphinium Blue 6308Florentine 6202French Green 6219Golden Ambrosia 6129Hazelnut Brown 6126Light Green (blend of Blue 6315, Canary Yellow 6410)  Mazarine Blue 6388Peacock Green 6266Pink Body Stain 6020 Red 6021Saturn Orange 6121Sea Green 6268Taupe 6503 Victoria Green 6204Violet 6304Vivid Blue 6306Wedgewood Blue 6310

Metallic Lustres

Bright Gold White Gold

PSH Underglaze

Apple Green Black Blue Bubble Gum Pink  Canary Yellow  Chestnut Chili Pepper Red 06 Cobalt BlueEgg Yellow   Forest Green French Green Grey Lilac Orange 06 Orange 6 Purple Red 06 Red 6 Royal Blue White Yellow 06

Other Underglaze Products

Black Potter's Pen Potter's Pads: Black Blue Brown Gold Green Red Teal Graffito Paper: Black Blue Brown Green Rose Teal Amaco Pencils: Black Blue Brown Green Rose Yellow


Acorn Brown Clearwater Blue Corn Yellow Diluting Flux Dove White Ebony Black Everglade Green Honeycomb Yellow Leaf Green Peacock Green Plum Pink


Insulating Firebrick Kaowool Bulk Fibre Kaowool Blanket Kaowool Paper Vermiculite Board Mortar Silica Rigidizer Repair Putty KIln Wash Glass Kiln Wash High Alumina/Cordierite Kiln Furniture

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