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18L size (12.5"dia x 14.5"H) best where higher volume collection is needed. Kit includes sealed trap bucket + 2 hoses and sewer pipe adaptor fitting.

  • Economical trap system designed to slow water discharge flow rate and allow sediment to settle out of waste water

  • Fast and easy installation and trap replacement

  • No permanent traps to clean or messy liners to replace

  • Requires minimum 9" clearance between bottom of sink tail pipe and top of trap bucket for easy installation without tools.

  • Trap buckets feature high-strength plastic construction and permanently-sealed lids.

  • 12 litre size (12.5" dia x 11" H) ideal for intermediate applications.

  • 18 litre size (12.5" dia.x 14.5" H) best where higher volume collection is needed (space permitting).

  • Two flexible hoses (1.5" ID x 1.75" OD x 20" long) conveniently connect trap to sink tail pipe and sewer tail pipe.

  • Flexible adaptor fitting for sewer tail pipe included for improved drain seal.

  • Kit includes sealed trap bucket, 2 hoses, and sewer pipe adaptor fitting.

  • Refill includes trap and two plastic caps for sealing full trap.

Click here for the Large (18L) refill kit (sealed bucket only).

Click here for installation instructions.